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Niveau Master
Quadrimestres 1 & 2

This course is intended for the students of theologywho would like to work on the issues of the church and society in Belgium and in Europe or other neighboring continents for building our world of tomorrow. Also the content of this course is prepared to help to the church staff to develop their mission and improve theirpreaching and help to develop new style for peaching as the connection between the Bible and contemporary world needs to be strengthen and the links would need to be transformed into the strong reflections of the stories in the Bible and the outside world.


In this course we are going to discuss the links between theology and human rights law, with the strong emphasis on religious freedom or belief. The course will raise the questions about the understanding of the concept of universality of human rights, clashes between the rights, then differences in understanding human rights from the theological point of view and from the legal point of view. Populist politicians do challenge Human Rights, Rule of Law and Democracy in everyday discourse. Human Rights, democracy and Rule of Law are fundamental values of our European continent.


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